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Kured.Me is headquartered in Central Phoenix, AZ. Kured works directly with farmers from Indonesia, where Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is indigenous, to harness pure, 100% Maeng Da Kratom strains. Red, white and green Maeng Da Kratom strains are then shipped to us in Phoenix where it is tested and extracted to a powder. In turn, this powder is what is used to create our Kured Komplex and Tea with Benefits. We love our farmers in Indonesia and that is why Kured gives a percent of all proceeds back to them. ​From our farmers in Indonesia to each and every customer, we appreciate your business!

We strive to always deliver the highest quality Kratom strains directly from farm-to-table, maintain the integrity of our products and values, as well as guaranteeing the best customer service experience possible. It is our goal to educate the public on why Kratom is the natural wonder of the botanical world and how we plan to revolutionize the health and wellness market through our 100% pure Maeng Da blends and teas.

Are you loving our products? Share your pictures, comments and thoughts on our social media pages and help us better understand how we can improve your quality of life with Kured products!

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Sean G.

Automotive Sales


“Honestly, I was skeptical at first. I did not really understand what Kratom until I found Kured. I was drinking close to 4 cups of black coffee a day and Kured Komplex helped me to wean off it. Seriously love this stuff! Haven't tried the tea yet."

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